Spiralcat of Maryland

Advanced Manure Handling Systems & Energy Production

AET Consulting, Inc. will assist with the planning process for advanced manure handling and energy production systems. We provide operators the knowledge and skills that will enable them to be their own general contractor when installing these types of advanced manure handling systems.

On land-limited farms, we have assisted with the installation of manure handling systems that were designed to reduce the phosphorus within the majority of manure wanting to be land applied on the most local farms to the animal housing units. The first system we installed saw a reduction of manure phosphorous from 25.0 lb P2O5 / 1,000 gallons to 0.5 lb P2O5 / 1,000 gallons. This level of reduction may not be necessary on every farm; we will work with individual operators to determine what level of treatment is necessary on their farm. In 2004, AET was awarded a grant from The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture to evaluate the feasibility of implementing this type of technology on farms. From this research AET determined that with increasing transportation costs to haul manure further from the home operation, it is feasible to implement this type of technology for farms needing to export high volumes of material.

As farms handle more manure and have to spread that manure across more acres further from the farm, efficient manure handling and solid separation systems become more important. Since AET does not sell any equipment, we can provide a non-biased opinion on the needs of a given operation. No single system is able to fit every farm's needs and we will help you design the correct system for your specific requirements.

In response to increased energy costs, AET has been working with farms and industries to utilize their waste to produce electricity either through methane digestion of manure, or gasification of manure. We have worked with many farms and industries during the installation of them so that we can help you to be your own general contractor, saving you money. Since we are not tied to any one specific system, we can provide knowledgeable, non-biased assistance to you while designing your own energy production system.

Lastly, we at AET are continuing to work with our partners to develop new technologies that will reduce nutrients and solids that have to be land applied while producing more energy for the individual farm; thus making the farmer more profitable and energy independent.

Please contact us to answer any questions and to assist you with your manure handling and energy needs.