Nutrient Management Planning

 AET Consulting, Inc. is certified to develop State Approved Nutrient Management Plans in:

  • Delaware
  • Maryland
  • Pennsylvania
  • Virginia West Virginia

The services offered with the development of a Nutrient Management Plan are:

  • Sampling and Analysis
  • Manure Sampling and Analysis
  • Fertility Recommendations for both manure and commercial fertilizer as needed
  • Manure Spreader Calibrations
  • Assistance with State Required Record Keeping

When developing your Nutrient Management Plan, AET will begin by meeting with you to determine the level of planning that you require as this may vary from state to state. We will then collect the required information and develop a draft plan tailored to your unique needs. We will review and discuss this draft plan with you. When finalized, we will submit your plan to the appropriate state agency. If necessary, AET will monitor your plan through the state review and approval process. The employees at AET are highly educated with extensive practical experience developing Nutrient Management Plans. They are continually involved with the regulating state agencies, looking out for the interests of farmers and their clients. One AET employee, David Kann, currently sits on the Maryland Nutrient Management Advisory Board. Another employee, Bill Rogers, developed the first Nutrient Management Plan approved by the State Conservation Commission in Pennsylvania.


Forms to Download

Pennsylvania Importer Agreements
Manure Calibration Sheet - Liquid
Manure Calibration Sheet - Solid